Carousel .NET

for  WPF &  Silverlight
  • Out-of-the-box ready to use Carousel control
  • Powerful built-in DataTemplates for Carousal item rendering
  • Host any content; 2D, 3D, Images, Videos, Charts, anything!
  • Host varying sized content items, receive notifications of select changes, and more!
  • ... and many more...





BinaryCarousel .NET is a custom control that can display its children content in a carousel style.


Core Features


1. Powerful customization options


Apart from being able to completely re-template the carousel visual tree, the control also offers to let you directly change several visual aspects in its tree, viz


  • Customize or provide a new Perspective camera for the Carousel
  • Customize or provide a new Perspective camera for the Carousels' Viewport 3D
  • Set a custom color for the view port Ambient lighting
  • Setting up the following:
    • Distance of the viewport Centre from the viewing user
    • Gap between the currently displayed front item and others  in the background
    • Gap between items
    • Item rendering angle
    • Item's size (dimension)
    • Enabling reflecting rendering



2. Powerful built-in Data-Templates for carousel item template


The control gives you several powerful and eye-candy data templates for rendering your carousal data.

The effects include:


  • Standard, Glossy, photo frame / border styled template
  • Reflection enabled slide template

3. Powerful content hosting capabilities


The control can host any content: 2D as well as 3-D (in the WPF version), motion pictures, images, and more. - pretty much anything, really.

4. Easy to setup Carousel content


Setting up the slides is a breeze, using WPF/Silverlight Data-Binding infrastructure.

5. Out-of-the-box ready to use Carousel control


Simply drag-and-drop / instantiate the control from the toolbox, set up the data-source of carousel items, and setup your desired data-template as the control's item template, and the app is carousel enabled.

6. Rich events, Commands


The control raises several events, and supports Commands as well, that you can subscribe to, in order to run your custom logic.


The events/commands cover:


  • User actions on navigating across carousel items
  • Carousel item selection 
  • Zooming into a carousel Item 




7. No procedural code needed to setup the control


In contrast to the very powerful features in the control, you will find it extremely easy to setup and run the control in your applications with absolutely no procedural code.


Either using Designer tools like MS Expression Blend or the likes, or even with hand-cranked one line of XAML, you will be able to run the control in just few seconds.


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