OrganizedTree .NET

for  WPF &  Silverlight
  • An advanced and highly customizable Tree control
  • Out-of-the-box support for Organization chart style data display 
  • Supports Expand / Collapse of Root nodes
  • Supports enabling or disabling of drawing connecting lines between nodes
  • ... and many more...





OrganizedTree .NET is an advanced tree-view control that you would want to use for presenting a very visually engaging tree-view style data.


The control can take your hierarchical data and present it using cascading linkage between various levels of nodes, at the same time supporting highlighting the path to currently selected node.


Some uses of this control includes scenarios such as displaying Corporate Organization charts.



Core Features



1. Organization chart style hierarchical data display


This feature means you don't have to mess with the standard .NET Tree-View control ‘s styling / template customization to render Organization charts / flow charts.




2. Multiple modes of rendering


The control currently supports two modes of tree rendering: Top-To-Bottom, and Bottom-To-Top




3. Easy to setup/use in your applications


The control's object model is similar to .NET Tree-View, but only more awesome!




4. High performance rendering


The control is written from scratch engineered for high performance rendering , and does not derive from the .NET WPF / Silverlight TreeView controls




5. Visually engaging features


  • Supports rendering the Selected path with a custom brush
  • Supports Expand/collapse of nodes for children display
  • Supports setting up custom data for drawing the nodes connecting lines and its color
  • Supports drawing a custom path (instead of just a line object)
  • Supports enabling or disabling drawing connecting lines between nodes
  • The control also allows you to setup custom length for drawing the connecting lines between sibling and parent/child nodes
  • Global and node- level styling is supported, so you can customize the look-and-feel of the nodes at each level
  • Supports rendering Expand / Collapse of nodes in order to display the leaf nodes on-demand.




6. Out-of-the-box support for Printing and Exporting of control visual state/data


The controls supports methods to Print and Export control's visual state.


The Print feature will print the tree to a printer automatically (allowing the user to visually select the printer setup options)


The Export feature will get you the BitmapSource memory stream of the tree so that you can custom handle it in any manner you deem fit - say for example, you could call on this feature and get the BitmapSource stream and then run your own custom dialogs to either print or preview the data on the screen or save it as an bitmap (Jpeg, Png, etc.) formatted image in the disk for later use.