Advanced Input Controls

for WinForms

A wealth of UI rich input custom controls, including:
  • Advanced Text box
  • Extended Label
  • Stylish Spinner / Numeric, Domain up-down 
  • Stylish Checkbox, Radio button
  • Advanced split button 
  • Advanced Tooltip 
  • MS Office styled Super Tooltip
  • Outlook styled Header panel
  • Advanced Groupbox control
  • Outlook styled calendar control
  • XP styled navigation bar
  • Highly customizable Menu component
  • MS Office styled color picker




These advanced controls help you design MS Office style rich User interface in your applications very quickly.


Advanced Controls


1. Label control 


The extended label control is a custom label control that supports custom drawn artifacts.


Features include:


  • Transparent background rendering
  • Multiple styles of rendering the labels: includes Horizontal and Vertical
  • When in Vertical mode, the text drawing can be set to any of the modes: viz., Top-to-Bottom or Bottom-to-Top
  • Supports UI property type editor in design-mode for setting multi-line string for the Text property
  • Configurable border rendering: including configuring thickness,color and border dash style
  • Configurable drop-shadow drawing: including drop-shadow color, depth / length
  • Background painting: using custom colors, including gradient painting


2. Header panel


This is an Outlook styled Header panel control.


Features include:


  • Multiple rendering modes: Includes Standard, XP and Glass style rendering
  • Supports Client area expand/collapse capability
  • Separate Header and Footer areas, header & footer can be rendered  in any of the 4 different locations
  • Scrollable container control
  •  Header can optionally contain a built-in command-menu area
  • Several out-of-the-box Color themes
  • Rich design-time support

3. MS Outlook styled Date-Picker


This is an Outlook styled Date-picker control.


Features include:


  • Outlook styled
  • Out-of-the-box multiple rendering styles
  • Built-in null date/time support.
  • We were the world's first in introducing nullable date time support right way back in time in 2002.
  • Supports Databinding
  • Full support for Internationalization
  • Supports custom datetime formats, on top of the standard formats
  • Optionally provides customizable command-menus
  • UI can be extensively customized for all rendering aspects
  • Supports customization of drop-down calendar buttons
  • Control's data feed is XML enabled
  • Built-in validation on date/time date typed in by users
  • Extended tooltip display enhancements
  • Highlight dates of your choice, with special colors/formatting

4. Windows XP styled Navigation bar


This controls mimics the Windows XP navigation bar control.


Features include:


  • "XP Sidebar/Taskbar" style Navigation system
  • Extensive UI customization of control's elements
  • Rich design-time editing experience, and extensive properties support
  • Automatic support for emulating XP theme rendering

5. MS Office styled Color Picker


This is an Office style Color picker control.


Features include:


  • Office style Color picker window
  • Comes built-in with a "Flat" styled ColorPicker ComboBox, and Color Picker DropDown controls
  • Configurable display styles
6. MS Office styled "Super Tooltip"


Features include:


  • MS Office "SuperTooltip" styled appearance and functionality
  • Rich design-time editing support and Super Tooltip property extensions
  • Built-in custom written UITypeEditor to enable you to configure its extendee control's various extended properties
  • Partial or complete owner-draw support
  • Display at user defined screen location
  • Pre-defined color schemes
  • Extensively customisable properties

7. Advanced Tooltips


Features include:


  • Multiple rendering modes: including Balloon, circular, Rounded rectangle modes
  • Supports rendering tooltip title, image, drop-shadow effects
  • SuperTooltip: A separate MS Office styled "SuperTooltip" component is also included
  • Supports automatic adjusted rendering for multi-line support for tooltip body text
  • Automatic tooltip location management
  • Inlcudes PointToolTips:  This control enables displaying tooltips on any screen location of your choice.
  • Supports customizing all aspects of rendering
  • Predefined color themes
  • Rich design-time support

8. Advanced Menu component


Features include:


  • Includes rendering menu items in "groups", and supports rendering group header
  • Rendering options includes XP, Windows 7, Office 2007/2010 and Glass themes

9. Advanced Button control (SmartButton .NET control)


Features include:


  • XP, Vista / Vista styled themes (without having to setup the respective OS manifests) even in non-XP/Windows 7
  • Supports rendering as a Glass button
  • Supports displaying images / icon along with their Alpha-channel information
  • Supports a special "MenuButton" style
  • Rich designer support
SmartButton .NET control in action:

10. Advanced Check box, Radio button controls


Features include:


  • Customizing control painting
  • Mouse hovering effects

11. Stylish Numeric and Domain UpDown/Spinner controls


Features include:


  • Supports customizing border color and the internal spin area rendering colors
  • Supports several mouse hovering effects

12. Advanced Text box control


Features include:


  • Supports customizing border color and styles (including dotted border)
  • Several mouse hovering effects
  • Contains an advanced Numeric Text box control
  • Border blink feature

13. Advanced Groupbox control


The AdvancedGroupBox is a custom control that works as a feature-rich, extended and instant replacement for the standard .NET GroupBox control.


The control's features include:


  • Customizable border color and styles (including dotted border)
  • Customizable border thickness
  • Customize separate font for Header text and the rest of the groupbox control
  • Draw the Group-box background with either Linear gradient brush or a solid brush, with colors that you can choose
  • Draw the Groupbox's Header text area with border and a background, with header section border thickness and color customizable as well
  • Customize the left and right margin around the group-box header text
  • Customize the padding for the group-box border
  • Choose between drawing the group-box border to any location in the control - i.e. left aligned or right-aligned, or even center-aligned




Advanced Group-box control instances drawn with differing border styles & thickness, colors and linear-gradient background brushes

Advanced Group-box control instances drawn with differing border colors and linear-gradient background brushes

Advanced Group-box control instances drawn with differing border thickness and header text alignments

Advanced Group-box control instances drawn with a custom specified left and right margin for the header text

Advanced Group-box control instances drawn with a Dotted border style, with varying levels of Border depths & gaps

Many more advanced customizations are possible too. Some advanced customizations include:


  • Customize Header section border color, thickness and background drawing:


  • Customize Header section linear background drawing, and disabling rendering the border for the header:


  • Customize Header section text forecolor, font size:
  • Choose between the various Header section rendering styles:
  • Choose between the various GroupBox drawing styles:


   The control supports drawing with these styles:


  • Rectangular
  • Circular
  • Rectangular with rounded corners, and
  • Selective corners to be drawn rounded


    You can also apply even more deeper customization by specifying your own desired angle for drawing the rounded corners.

More advanced customizations on Header alignment and Corner drawing