Advanced Input Controls

for WPF

Custom controls incliude:

  • Stylish Spinner / Numeric, Domain up-down 
  • MS Office styled SuperTooltip
  • MS Office styled Color Picker
  • Rounded Corner Container
  • Advanced ScrollViewer

Advanced Custom Controls for WPF .NET

These advanced controls help you design MS Office style rich User interface in your WPF applications very quickly.

1. Stylish Spinner, Numeric and Domain UpDown control



  • Supports customizing border color and the internal spin area rendering colors
  • Supports several mouse hovering effects

2. RoundedCornerContainer .NET



This is a specialised ContentControl for WPF, that can provide rounder corners or more advanced shapes to any content hosted inside it.

Features include:


  • Rounded corners around a host of child content FrameworkElement(s)
  • Automatically clips the edges of the child content along the rounded/shaped corners it provides
  • Supports Transparency around the clipped edges to make the rendered content look professional
  • Easy to use; simply host your complex content (UIElement(s) as the control's content, and setup the desired corner radius

3. Advanced ScrollViewer .NET


The control extends the stock .NET ScrollViewer and implements some exotic custom new ControlTemplate and Styling, in order to provide really awesome features, including the following:


  • Allows setting up your own custom Width and Height (for Vertical and Horizontal scrollbars respectively)
  • Allows switching off drawing the Line Scroller visuals (at the each end of the scrollbars)
  • Lets you customise the Thumb's corner radius, so that you can have any possible cool shapes of thumb
  • Allows you to specify if the scrollbars should overlay the scrolled content, in order to give an exotic aesthetic user-experience
  • Allows to setup the Scrollbar track to be transparent to the scrolled/child content
  • Allows customising every single aspect of the artefact in the scrollbars to be customisable for color brushes (includes being able to customise Line scrollers, Thumb, Track, etc.)



An image can speak for 1000 words... so take a look at our simply configured ScrollViewer control in action (as below):



4. MS Office styled Color Picker


This is an MS Office style Color picker control.


Features include:


  • MS Office style Color picker window
  • Comes built-in with a "Flat" styled ColorPicker ComboBox, and Color Picker DropDown controls
  • Configurable display styles

5. Advanced Effects / Extended Button controls


These are a collection of advanced button controls with extended rendering effects, including:


  • Glass rendering on the button 
  • Extended animations supported: including one-off and continuous animation while the mouse pointer is on the button control 
  • Configurable colors / brushes to suit your application needs
  • You can also configure the glass radius for glass rendering on the button
  • Both shapes of buttons supported:
    • Elliptical, and
    • Rectangular buttons

6. Bubble Control


Our bubble control is a custom WPF control that lets you provide wonderful visual feedback for a user action on UIElements.


The control works just like what we see in other OSs like Android, et al. and also in some Presentation software where-by you get the bubbling waves effect at the point of mouse clicks.


In our Bubble control, you will see a lots more extended effects, and you can even customise the various rings / waves / ripples of the bubble with your chosen custom brushes, and also be able to set the bubble sizing / expansion factor over time, etc.


You can apply the control's bubble effect on any WPF UIElement.