Custom ScrollerPanel .NET

for  WinForms
  • A custom Panel control (container control)
  • Uses our custom scrollbar controls for scrolling the view
  • Ready to use, right out-of-the-box
  • Easy to customize the control (including scrollbar colors, Images & margins)





Custom Scroller Panel.NET is fully customizable custom Panel (container) control for WinForms.

Screenshot of our Panel control in action (with our built-in scrollbars too):


Scrollable Panel Control Features




1. Ready to use, and simple to setup


The control is easy to use, just like the standard panel control.

Wherever you need to use the .NET Panel control, you can use our control.



So what does our Panel control provide that the .NET Panel control does not?


Simple. The following particular features alone will be of great value to your applications, viz.,


  • Comes readily integrated with our Custom ScrollBars .NET control, for scrolling the panel's view
  • Our scrollbars controls have a lot to offer, in terms of heavy customisation, including being able to set custom sizing, colors and using images in the scrollbar too, apart from various other features it provides.
  • Our panel control comes built-in with various themes that you can readily use to suit your application's skin / color scheme, without having to write a single line of code.


Just imagine how hard it will be to remove the default windows scrollbars from the standard .NET Panel control, and try and replace the scrolling capability with a custom scrollbar!


With our Panel control, you get all that built-in, and ready to use, with nothing more to do than just instantiating our control, customise the UI extensively as much as you need (just setting its properties), and you are ready to see the awesomeness in action!

2. Customizable scrollbars


The control uses our custom scrollbar controls for scrolling the panel's view.

These built-in scrollbars are heavily customizable in every important aspect of their rendering.






3. Full Customization of look-and-feel


Simple properties allows:


  • customizing the colors of every single aspect of the rendered scrollbar artifacts viz., Thumb, Track and Scroll Arrow buttons
  • customization of colors for rendering various scrollbar states like Hot, Pressed, Normal and Disabled






4. Supports setting custom size



The built-in scrollbar controls support setting up custom Width and Height, for the Vertical and Horizontal mode controls respectively.

You can also specify the exact desired size (and color) for the arrow glyph (when using the default/built-in navigation buttons mode).

5. Supports Built-in Scrollbar ContextMenu


The controls, by default, provides a built-in context-menu that enables ready-to-execute commands for scrolling.

The built-in scroll commands context menu can be set to display in two modes:


  • Using standard ContextMenu component (Image 1)
  • Using Binarymission extended WinForms Menu component (Image 2)


But of course, you can switch-off the provided default context menu, and provide your own as well.



Screenshots of our Panel control in action (with our built-in scrollbars too):

6. Pre-defined Themes


The scrollbar controls come pre-packaged with ready-to-use themes / colors. The following pre-built color themes are available to choose from:


  • Win 8
  • GradientBrown
  • Olive
  • OfficeBlack
  • OfficeBlue
  • OfficeSilver
  • CyanGreen
  • OrangeRed



Apart from these, there is also a Custom theme mode, which allows you set various properties to render a custom color theme of your needs.