CheckedListBoxComboBox .NET

for WinForms .NET

An advanced and features-rich Combobox control that drops-down

a CheckedListBox for data display & selection.




CheckedImageListboxComboBox .NET is our custom .NET control for WinForms, that presents a ComboBox whose drop-down is a view containing our exotic CheckedListBox control for presenting a multi-selectable data items collection.


If you needed to present various kinds of list data to your users, and you needed a way to present it via a drop-down to a Combobox, then look no further - our CheckedListComboBox .NET is what you need.


Some screenshots of the .NET control in action:


Excited Already?



Features : More Insights


1. Exotic CheckedListBox control


At the heart of the control, lies two major components:



CheckedImageListBoxComboBox combines the power and feature-sets of our custom controls, into one composite control, and presents an exotic User-experience whereby the Combobox drops-down to display the listbox from where the user can select zero, one or more items, and upon closing the view, get the checked/select data into the host comboBox control.

2. Various UI Components Inside The CheckedListBox Drop-down



Inside the drop-down view - i.e. our custom listbox view, the control supports (optionally) drawing several artefacts, including:


  • Sidebar (to indicate the item's selection or mouse hovering)
  • Checkbox, that allows the user to set the item as selected & checked
  • Image to represent the item
  • Title, that represents a title/header text for the item
  • Content text section, that can contain a detailed (longer) text
  • Annotation -i.e. an image that is only displayed upon mouse hovering. This can come in handy when you want to display some additional visual cues or even commands that the user can execute (say a Print command visual, for example)


3. Rich properties and events


The control exposes various properties and events that makes it a breeze to work with it.


Some select properties & events of interest:


CheckedItems: Contains the list of currently checked items in the control


CheckedIndices: Contains the index positions of the items currently in checked state


DisplayMember - This is the property in the item object that will be used as the piece of data that will be used to for displaying the text representation of the checked item, in the combobox text section.


The control, by default, does a lookup on certain properties on the item, and depending on the data availability on each of them, chooses one of them for displaying the data in the combobox text section.


You can, in stead, specify what particular property the control should use from the item object, to display the text/data in the combobox text area, by setting the DisplayMember property on the control.


SeparationDelimiterChars: A string property that allows you to set up a custom string that will be used as the delimiter for separating the various checked items, for its display in the combobox text section of its UI


Screen-shot of the controls' instances with varying delimiter strings:

4. More Advanced Configurations On The Runtime Behaviour of the control


Many aspects to have fine-grained control over the control's behavior is possible.


Some of these properties and events allowing this includes:


ToggleCheckStateForAllItems: Allows a programmatic quick way to keep all items in the control as either checked/Unchecked


IsDropdownInvocationBlocked: This feature allows the control to not allow he drop-down data list view to be shown.

This could come in handy when you want to keep the combobox visible and enabled, but not allow your certain users (say based on certain business rules/ rights) to not open the data-list listBox drop-down view.



ItemCheckStateChanged: An event that allows you to know that a certain item's check/uncheck state in the drop-down listbox was changed, and hence be able to respond to that action.

5. Extreme Levels Of Customisation / Configuration Supported


Every aspect of the control - i.e. the ComboBox portion and the drop-down portion & the listbox and its item's visual is kept optional, and can be configured to a very great degree of depth, including:


  • Customise different fontsforeground colors for the Title and main Content
  • Use custom images for the image, annotation and even the checkbox visual
  • Setup custom border  customisations - i.e. color, thickness for different aspects of the control, including different ones for each of the mouse effects (selected, hover, unselected)
  • All other deep customisations offered by our constituent custom controls, viz., AdvancedComboBox and CheckedListBox controls, are also available in this control