PopupEditor .NET

for WinForms .NET

A highly configurable PopupEditor control that can host any piece of UI content

in its drop-down view window., and seamlessly manages the data display and the

drop-down mechanism, all by itself, straight out-of-the-box.




PopupEditor .NET is our exotic WinForms .NET control that provides the UI and the built-in drop-down UI display mechanism that can host any UI content in its Drop-down view, and allows you full control as to however you want to display the resulting data in its data-display section.



Some screenshots of the .NET control in action:


Looks Cool?



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1. A PopupEditor Control That Can Host Any Content


The only thing you will ever need to do (apart from setting the UI properties on the control as you wish) is to tell the control what piece of content (i.e. your UI view) the PopupEditor control should host.


That is all to it.. your control will not be shown inside the control's drop-down view.


2. Rich User-Experience & components


The control has two essential parts to it:


  • the Data display component
  • the Drop-down component


Both these components are heavily customisable. You can setup...


  • Custom image for the drop-down visual / button
  • Border color
  • Background color
  • Border thickness
  • Drop-down indicator section backcolor
  • Different colors for different visual states - i.e. Normal, Hover / Hot and Pressed states
  • Drop-down resize-gripper section backcolor
  • Drop-down resize-gripper color



There are many more aspects that you can configure:


Some of the exciting properties that you can set up include:


  • A property that will allow to specify whether the control should use always the drop-down size that you setup, or that it should remember the user-sizing of the drop-down window at runtime, so as to maintain the same size afterwards until the user resizes the drop-down window again.
  • A property that lets you specify your custom sizing of the data-display section and the drop-down button/visual section of the control (see screen-shots below)