Post-It Note .NET

for  WinForms
  • MS Outlook style Post-It note control






Post-It Note .NET provides an out-of-the-box control mimicking the Microsoft style Floating post-it note window, for your WinForms applications.


Post-It Note Control Features



  1. Microsoft Outlook style Post-It note floating window control
  2. Out-of-the-box Window expandable corner gripper
  3. Supports Moving of the Note window
  4. Renders Header, Status bar and a choice of either a built-in Textbox or RichTextBox
  5. Supports supplying your own header section for the Note
  6. Supports several built-in Themes colors for rendering the window and other artifacts
  7. Easy to customize the control (including colors, Images, Fonts and background rendering)
  8. Raises several rich events upon clicking, right-clicking and closing requests for the window


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