ToggleSwitch .NET

for  WinForms
  • Modern Check box / Radio button control
  • Supports Windows 8 style ToggleSwitch UI
  • Supports Mouse hovering and other "visual cues" effects

  • UI is highly customizable





ToggleSwitch .NET is an easily customizable custom control for WinForms that provides an alternative way of displaying option display.


It is usual to use a Checkbox / RadioButton control as a visual interface to let end-users select one or many of the available options.

Many modern applications (including Microsoft Windows 10, iOS et al.) have a newer way of displaying option selection - i.e. by using a "switch" control UI that can be toggled between one state to another.


Our ToggleSwitch .NET control is a control that provides an exotic and modern UI for state toggling, such as...


ToggleSwitch Control Features




1. Easy to use and customize


  • Defaults setup ready to use: The control comes with the standard defaults pre-configured, so you can simply instantiate the control and use it without any properties setup to perform


  • Multiple presentation styles: The control supports styles such as the Modern Windows 8 style ToggleSwitch UI


  • Mouse and programmatic control: The control's visual state can be updated both via mouse action (i.e. click) and programmatic manner (via setting the control's IsChecked property)


  • Text customization: The control provides a convenient property to setup a custom text string for each toggle state in the control for display, for example Yes/No, Up/Down, etc, as may suit your application needs


  • Localization support: The toggle-state text property in the control is localizable, such that you can setup any custom language text.


  • Easy to customize: Just use the properties on the control to customize all aspects easily: including the switcher text fore color, images, border color, font, etc.




2. Advanced capabilities


Using the control's advanced features, you can set up:


  • Custom images for individual toggle states such as Checked and Unchecked.

With this feature, it is not necessary for you set a text value for toggle states. You could simply set appropriate images for each of the toggle state.

  • Custom color for painting each of the toggled state section of the control
  • Custom color for rendering the background of the control upon mouse hovering
  • The control also supports the Indeterminate (nullable-bool) toggle state



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