Watermark Text .NET

for  WinForms
  • Feature-rich Watermark Textbox control for WinForms
  • Ready to use, right out-of-the-box





BinaryWatermarkTextBox.NET is a fully customizable custom written Watermark supporting TextBox control for WinForms.


Watermark Textbox Control Features




1. Easy to use and customize


The control is a custom control, but looks and feels like a standard .NET Text box control.


  • Text modes: Supports both Single-line and Multi-line text box modes.


  • Easy to customize: Just use the properties on the control to customize all aspects easily: including the watermark text, its forecolor, Watermark background color, watermark image, control border color, font, etc.




2. Advanced capabilities: Custom plug-in


  • Using the control's advanced features, you can plug-in your own custom renderer for customizing various aspect of the watermark UI



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