AlertPopup .NET

for  WinForms

  • A MS Outlook© and MSN styled "Desktop alert popup" and rendering interfaces
  • Built-in XP and Win 7 Themes rendering
  • Supports hosting custom controls
  • Extensive UI customization of component's UI elements
  • Supports drawing the alert window using custom images
  • Support for "Owner drawing" of the alert popup window
  • Support for stacking of multiple alert popup windows
  • Ready to use, right out-of-the-box




BinaryAlertPopup .NET component will instantly enable your WinForms applications with the popular MSN Instant Messenger and MS Outlook style popup alerts functionality.


Just with one line of code, display "alert" popup windows to your application users.


The component has been developed completely from scratch, implementing custom painting functionality to provide extended GUI effects!




1. A MS Outlook and MSN styled "Desktop alert popup" and rendering interfaces


The component emulates the MS Outlook© and MSN© styled "Desktop alert popup functionality".


The component provides all the "goodies" of the look-and-feel of MS Outlook / MSN Alert popup window, and additionally provides much more rich UI features via its properties that can let you customize the visual aspects of the various UI elements that makes BinaryAlertPopup .NET.


The popup windows displayed by the component are completely non-intrusive in nature (i.e. the main application window will not lose "focus" when displaying popup windows).

2. Built-in Themes


The component comes with out-of-the-box support for emulating/rendering in all the three popular XP themes, irrespective of the Operating system in which the component is run.


The component also comes with custom theme rendering capability, where the developer can setup the background color of choice, with either solid or gradient colors, so as to let the component render the window in a custom themed manner.


When using gradient drawing, the developer can also specify gradient drawing orientation.

3. Host custom controls


The component lets you add custom controls into its drawing surface, so that you can present a fully Windows Forms style interface to your application users.


Take complete ownership of the drawing surface from the component, and then just like you would add custom controls to a typical Windows Form object, you can add any custom controls and positioning them in the alert popup window by simply setting up your custom controls properties, and adding them to the controls collection of the alert popup component.


Please refer to the sample screen-shot of a customized alert popup window, hosting several Windows Forms controls as its child objects.

4. Extensive UI customization of component's UI elements and features

5. Supports drawing the alert window using custom images


You can set your own custom images that the component can use as its background image.

This feature gives you enormous flexibility to display your own custom images in the alert popup window.


This way, you can fill in any relevant message/content of your desire/need, without having to do your own custom painting of the window (which is also possible via a simple property setting).

6. Displaying custom context menu


The component will display a drop-down chevron button along-side the exit button, when you set a valid context menu object to the component.


Once set, the user can click on the drop-down chevron button which will display a context menu and accordingly the user can perform actions based on the set custom context menu.


Also, an event is raised to give you an opportunity to cancel the context menu display (just when it is about to pop-up).

7. Owner-drawing of the alert popup window


The component lets you to perform owner drawing of the alert popup window completely!


By setting a simple property, you will be able to take control of the alert popup window's graphics surface and perform your own custom painting, making the component absolutely extensible and flexible to customize to your specific needs.

8. More features supported includes:


  • Custom alignment of title image
  • Body text/ title text positioning
  • Support for rich "events"