TreeListView .NET

for  WinForms

  • A Hierarchical Tree-list view control for Windows Forms
  • Full support for both data bound and unbound modes
  • Ready to use, right out-of-the-box
  • Specialized column types and custom Controls
  • Highly customizable features
  • "Tree-view" column can be positioned at any column of your choice 




BinaryTreeListView¬© .NET is a control that merges the conventional Tree and List style views into one merged view for displaying hierarchical data in both data-bound and unbound modes, for the WinForms .NET platform.


Using the control, you can now create stunning views of your hierarchical data, in no time.


The control supports complex data-binding when used as TreeList or Listview or as an advanced grid control modes, including supporting complex data-binding on the specialized columns BinaryDatePicker and BinaryComboBox.


Core Features

Merges the conventional tree and list views into one composite control


Supports Multi-line text and Specialized column type editing controls


Context menu with "Group header" feature

Customizable rendering of column and row headers and data rows


Tree-view column can be placed in any column choice


Support for customization of line drawing style and color


Support for multi-line text in tree-list view column cell


Customization of node image


Customization of root node's expand/collapse image


Customization of node styles, by setting up alternating node drawing style


Other features include:


  • Columns can be frozen
  • Supports acting like a data-bound tree-view control with zero-lines of code
  • Full support for data-binding when set in Tree-list view, list-view or grid-view modes
  • No code needed to setup the control in these modes
  • User drag and drop of nodes supported
  • Columns can be made visible/hidden
  • Columns can have custom controls in them
  • Keyboard support for expanding / collapsing of nodes introduced.
  • Supported key combination is : "Shift + Left" to collapse, and "Shift + Right" to expand
  • When a cell/row/column is set as read-only, the mouse click on the cell can be made to expand/collapse the node
  • Property to set the UI element, at which level the keyboard based expand/collapse of nodes is to be enabled(i.e. row,column or None)
  • Multiple selection of nodes for helping with operations like clipboard transfer, etc.
  • The control raises several rich events, for you to enhance the user experience and application performance at run-time. The events include NodesExpanding / Expanded/Collapsing/Collapsed, TreeListViewCellClicked, TreeListViewCellActivated and several others.