TreeViewComboBox .NET

for  WinForms

  • Tree-view styled data in a Combobox
  • Powerful design-time features
  • Multiple levels of data presentation
  • Extensively customizable
  • Multiple enhanced display styles supported
  • Rich events
  • Full keyboard support




BinaryTreeViewComboBox .NET is an extended version of our popular ComboBox control BinaryComboBox .NET.

The control offers a flat styled, extended and feature rich ComboBox control with an ability to display a tree-view of data.




1. Displays Tree-view style data


The control directly supports displaying a tree-view drop-down of data.


You can do this in 2 ways;


  • Set up TreeViewNative instance:


BinaryTreeviewcombobox comes with a built-in control TreeviewNative, that comes with the required ISupportTreeview implementation so that you can start using it out-of-the-box without having to write a single line of code.


Drag-drop the TreeViewNative instance and create a treeview with the TreeViewNative editor.

Now setup this TreeViewNative instance in the designeractionlist of the BinaryTreeviewcombobox and the control is now ready to use.


  • Or alternatively, simply prepare a tree-view control (or any control that will implement our custom interface ISupportTreeView) and simply set it as the value for one of the control's property.



2. Powerful design-time support


The control comes with strong design-time support. For enabling easy setup of all crucial and important properties, the control implements design-time smart tags UI.


The list includes properties, for example, to set up the tree-view instance, style, color configuration etc., for the control.

With this design time infrastructure in place, you will not need to write a single line of code to get the control working for you.

3. Multiple levels of data presentation


The control supports four levels of data presentation.


By setting a simple property, you can specify what to display in the drop-down tree-view, viz.:


  • Display just the text of the selected node; or
  • Display text of all the child nodes of the selected node; or
  • Display the text of all the parent node items in the hierarchy path of the currently selected node; or
  • Display the text of all the parent node items and child node items in the hierarchy path of the currently selected node

4. Extensive customization


The control supports extensive customization and the properties are easy to set, including enabling you to set a custom "window close" image for the drop-down tree-view window, amongst others.

5. Enhanced display styles supported


  • Rendering the "VS.NET" fame Flat style
  • Rendering the standard "windows" display style


6. Control painting with custom colors (with Alpha-blending support)


Using the control's simple properties, you can now set custom colors of your choice, for drawing the ComboBox and other aspects like, item hovering background color, drop-down window border color etc., along with full support for Alpha blending of colors.


The control also provides the capability for you to set an alpha-blending color factor of your choice, while setting the control's various color properties.

7. Mouse hovering effects, Rich events, and keyboard support


When the input focus is not on the control, whenever the mouse focus moves over and out of the control, the control's borders are drawn and cleared respectively, giving a "Visual Studio .NET style" control hovering effects.


Optionally, you can also set the control's ShowBorderAlways property to true, if you want the control's border to be displayed irrespective of whether the control has input focus or otherwise.


The control raises appropriate events for handling the keyboard and mouse events in the drop-down tree-view.

The control supports keyboard navigation across nodes in the drop-down tree-view.


There are additional properties to let you choose when to select a node i.e. whether on selecting a node, or hitting an enter key (for keyboard), and whether on Single-click or Double-click(with mouse).