SmartTextBox .NET

for  WPF
  • Renders Watermarks
  • Watermark supports image, text and any custom object
  • Renders alert visual
  • Renders built-in input eraser control
  • Supports custom validation with regular expressions




SmartTextBox.NET is a Watermark rendering capable Advanced TextBox control for WPF.


Core Features


1. Watermark display



The controls allows to set any content piece as its watermark (image, text, etc.), and be able to set a custom template to render it as well.


2. Expandable border



3. High levels of customization


  • Dependency properties are available to set up rendering aspects of control background for invalid input
  • Dependency properties to perform blinking borders, animating the background color rendering, and displaying an information tool tip



4. Alert visual rendering


The control has out-of-the-box ability to display visuals to hint the user about a validation error



5. Built-in Eraser control


This feature helps in visually being able to erase text data on the control



6. Supports a custom regular expression


This feature lets you decide what text can be allowed to be input by the user.