Release Notes

UIControlSuite .NET edition Release v.26 (volume 2017.4)



This release includes several new controls:



  • New WPF .NET Controls:

Advanced Effects / Extended Button controls: These are a collection of advanced button controls with extended rendering effects. Also contains ready-to-use Glass rendering, animations, etc.


BubbleControl .NET: A new control that lets you provide wonderful visual feedback for a user action.

The control works just like what we see in other Operating Systems like Android, et al. and also in some Presentation software where by you get the bubbling waves effect at the point of mouse clicks, for example.


UIControlSuite .NET edition Release v.26 (volume 2017.3)



This release includes some enhancements:


  • Enhancements to .NET controls:

Multi-column ComboBox .NET control:


Many new properties have been introduced around sorting and grouping of data in the multi-column data display mode of the control.


IsSourceDataPreSorted (bool): This property will ensure that the control will display the source data as-is the way you have it pre-sorted, and you want the control to respect that for its display.

This will also ensure that the additional sorting is not performed afresh, that the control currently performs when it initially loads and you have an expression saying the control should sort it on load.


MultiColumnModeSourceDataSortedColumnIndex: If you also want the control to draw the sorting icon on the column header in which the source data is pre-sorted, you can now ask the control to do that by specifying the exact column in which the pre-sorted data is already sorted.



With this new property, you can set the sorting order for the grouped result to whatever you wish to be used when the control opens the view initially in grouped mode.

You can choose from Ascending, Descending or None. The default is None.

UIControlSuite .NET edition Release v.26 (volume 2017.2)



This release includes one new control and some enhancement:


  • New WinForms .NET Control:

PopupEditor .NET: A highly configurable PopupEditor control that can host any piece of UI content in its drop-down window, and allows extra-ordinary UI / UX custom configuration.


  • Enhancements to .NET controls:

BinaryTreeListView .NET: Two new properties ShouldEnableLinkedRelationshipsTuning and ShouldEnableFastCaching updated in order to tune up the internal tree-data relationships analysis and data chaching for helping with faster load, rendering and also being defensive in dealing with a multitude of complex tree-data scenarios.

UIControlSuite .NET edition Release v.26 (volume 2017.1)



This release includes several new controls and many new features / enhancements in existing controls too.


  • New .NET controls:


           There are quite a number of new .NET controls in this release, including:


    • New WinForms .NET Controls:


      • Advanced Custom Columns controls for DataGridView so that you can now host my UI controls such as NumericText, DatePicker and the full Multi-column / Advanced ComboBox control in the DGV as custom controls columns


This is a brand new control that displays a drop-down multi-selectable listbox with checkbox for each items, and collectively display it in the combobox's text display area

Allows customisation of the displayed selection on the Comobox display area too


    • New WPF controls:


      • SmartTextBox


      • Advanced FlowChart (supports various layouts, Top-down, Bottom-up, etc.)



  • Enhancements to existing .NET controls:


    • WinForms controls' enhancements:


      • Advanced Groupbox: New groupbox shapes, and more advanced customisations


      • Advanced Label control: Now supports more advanced layouts / rendering


      • Advanced Tab control:

Features for hosting varying sized tab headers and Tab page header images

Added support for having disabled tab pages/headers alongside enabled/active tabs

      • ModernWindowChrome control:
        • More new window themes added
        • Automatic built-in support for:
        • Setting the window to be the TopMost (without you having to work with interop)
        • Completely removing the chrome/titlebar
        • Make title or window border to be completely transparent, or both to be transparent at the same time


      • Advanced Combobox control:

More new text alignment customisations available; Allows mix-and match of one text alignment for control text and the other for the drop-down view items drawing

More advanced user-level querying of data possible; usable by both your end-users on the control's UI and also by developers to set it as property for ready use by the users


    • WPF controls' enhancements:


      • Ribbon: The control now comes with a new skinning/rendering algorithm using which you can supply a single colour, and the control will auto-magically produce appropriate shades of colours to apply on various of its UI elements


      • Slideshow control: 2 new slide transitions added; The pixel shaders library also stands updated with these shaders for use outside of the slideshow control




UIControlSuite .NET edition Release v.25


This latest major release includes:





Enhancements to WinForms controls:





Complete details are available in the blog post here.

UIControlSuite .NET edition Release v.24.2


WinForms PowerTabStrip .NET control enhancements:



Advanced automatic multi-line Header text drawing


The control supports drawing the header text of its tab pages, in multiple lines automatically.


There are two different levels to this feature-set:


  • You set once piece of a long line for the header text, and the control will take care of wrapping the text into multiple lines automatically
  • You being able to specifically set multiple distinct lines/sentences of text as the header text property value - In this case, you can setup multiple lines by visually entering carriage returns, and the control will also recognize these separate lines and then draw them in their individual lines


Advanced customizations around Tab page overflow management


  • A new rendering mechanism strategy is now available, whereby you can choose the tab pages overflow calculation strategy via a new property named TabPagesOverflowCalculationStrategy

UIControlSuite .NET edition Release v.24.1


AdvancedGroupBox .NET control for WinForms enhancements:


The enhancements includes several new features, including:


  • Ability to heavily customize Corners drawing
  • Customizing Group Header drawing location, including custom header location setup apart from Left, Center and Right alignments
  • Out-of-the-box new styles of rendering the groupbox – viz.,Rectangular, Circular, and more complex shapes
  • Customize drawing angle for various corners
  • and many more

UIControlSuite .NET edition Release v.24


WinForms PowerTabStrip .NET control enhancements:


The enhancements includes several new features, including:


  • Multi-line overflow of tabs
  • Auto re-layout upon resizing of the window / container
  • Out-of-the-box feature of auto sizing the tab page headers to make them all be same across all tab pages
  • Advanced formatting of the header text
  • More advanced Design-time enhancements for building your tab control instance in your applications an absolute breeze
  • Touch-screen capable - Supports large sized image as tab page header image
  • Ability to disable any tab page header so it will be unavailable for selection, and the UI will present its UI aspects in a disabled state
  • Supports hosting varying sized tab headers and Tab page header images
  • Supports having image on some tab page headers, and none on others
  • Disabled state drawing for tab page headers, page header image and text
  • New design-time enhancements to perform advanced re-calculation/re-drawing and layout updates when some advanced layout related property is changed (like multi-line / menu tab page overflow, header image change from small size to larger size, etc.)
  • Many more features

UIControlSuite .NET edition Release 23


New / Enhancements WinForms .NET controls


UIControlSuite .NET edition Release 22.3


Enhancements WinForms .NET controls


ModernWindowChrome .NET Control for WinForms:


Two new properties / features introduced, viz.,


  • EnableMinimizeRestoreActionUponTaskbarIconClick

This allows you to set whether the control should enable the feature of automatically responding to either minimize or restore (as the case may be) upon the user clicking on the Window's taskbar icon.


  • EnableMinimizeRestoreAnimation

A custom animation has been implemented that provides this new feature.

This new property allows you to set whether the control performs Windows Aero style "animation" while the window is being minimized or restored.


Note that these two properties (above) should be set only before you launch the window -i.e. they are not designed / intended to be changed at run-time after the form has loaded.

Having said that, practically speaking, there won't be any need to change these property values after the form has loaded anyway.

But this is worth remembering that you set these properties once to a desired value, say at design-time, via the properties editor.


  • IsWindowLocked

When set to true, this feature will ensure that the user cannot move the window.



UIControlSuite .NET edition Release 22.2


Enhancements WinForms .NET controls


CheckedImageListBox .NET Control for WinForms:


  • New Control designer introduced: A new custom designer class created for the control now enables the control to allows design-time interaction with the control - i.e.  item selection and scrolling of the control, while the control is in the design mode in the Visual studio IDE designer.


  • The property EnableItemFullView now allows changing its value to true (i.e. set the feature Item partial view mode to be enabled) only if the control finds that the items property has been set with item objects that have their Title property setup on them, not otherwise.


  • The control now automatically updates the items sizes (by running its deterministic Item measurement code, thereby re-drawing the items) after the control's Items property is setup, including while the control being in the design-time mode in the Visual studio IDE designer.


UIControlSuite .NET edition Release 22.1


New / Enhancements WinForms .NET controls


Advanced Multi-column Combobox control


  • The control has been enhanced such that it will ensure that it continues to display the auto-completion multi-column drop-list window while at the same time keep the input focus on the combobox text area, so that the user can continue to input more text (or update it) and the drop-list can show the applicable items in its view as is relevant based on what the user has typed in so far.


  • The control now supports customizing the column text alignment for the multi-column drop-down window, and also to align the column data inside the auto-complete multi-column drop-down view. 

Two new properties have been introduced that will enable this feature, viz.,


  • MultiColumnWindowColumnsHorizontalAlignments: This is a property of type IList<HorizontalAlignment>
  • ShouldApplyMultiColumnWindowColumnsAlignmentsToAutoCompleteDropDown: This is a property of type Boolean

Now, you can set the new property MultiColumnWindowColumnsHorizontalAlignments to a list of HorizontalAlignment values, where each one represents the corresponding (index) column in the “to be shown” multi-column window.        


The new feature means that the control now supports custom alignment for its columns on a per-column basis - i.e., you can set the first 2 columns to Left align, the third and fourth to be Center aligned and the remaining to be Right aligned, for example.

UIControlSuite .NET edition Release 22



New WinForms .NET controls




Enhancements to our existing WinForms .NET controls



1) Scrollbar .NET control:


  • The Scrollbar control has been enhanced to render separate colors on the track area to differentiate between scrolled area and the “yet to be scrolled” area.



2) TreeListView .NET control:


  • Automatic sorting: The control supports sorting of tree-list column data nodes when it is used in its data-bound mode
  • New property introduced to support choosing the sorting mode for the tree-list column nodes
  • Glass mode drawing of the rows now heavily optimized for fast and smooth drawing
  • New properties introduced to let you supply your own colors for glass drawing and your own gradient factor too to apply
  • Added an extra padding for nodes with multiple lines of text. This new extra padding is also customizable



3) Advanced Multi-column Combobox .NET control:


  • Custom sizing: The control now supports custom sizing of the auto-completion multi-column drop-down window
  • Custom sizing of columns: The control also now supports custom sizing of the columns inside the auto-completion multi-column drop-down window


Note that the control already supports the custom sizing of columns and the window for the main drop-down multi-column window.


This feature release supports similar behavior for the auto-completion drop-down multi-column window that drops down when the user types text into the combobox and has enabled the concurrent multi-column enabled auto-completion drop-down window feature.




4) Advanced GroupBox .NET control:


  • More built-in color themes introduced for use straight out-of-the-box
  • Border and Header border thickness customization enabled
  • Groupbox header right margin customization is now possible
  • New property ShouldUpdateChildrenUponParentFormMoveSize introduced, to enable choosing to update the child controls if / when the parent form.control is moved or sized at runtime



5) Advanced Label .NET control:


  • Background transparency optimisation vis-a-vis parent container's linear gradietn brush drawing



6) ModernChromeWindow .NET control:


  • Designer optimizations, including things like automatic designer surface refresh when you resize the border size or the title bar height
  • Disallow window resizing at runtime: New feature to optionally disallow resizing the window by user. I have this new property IsWindowResizingAllowed, which you can set to either allow or disallow the user resizing the window at runtime.
  • Title Text alignment: Now you can set the Text alignment of the window title text (i.e. you can specify whether you want it to be aligned as Left, Centre, Right). This is enabled by introducing a new property TitleTextDrawingFormat so you can set any alignment and string formatting as you need for the window title.
  • Rendering optimization: When TitlebarText is updated at runtime from user code, the control now works out whether refreshing the other artifacts in the title bar control (like the icon, command buttons, etc.) is necessary and updates these artifacts only if need be, thereby improving the drawing performance and also user-experience.
  • Shake window to minimize all other process windows other than the current window



7) PowerTabStrip control:


  • New property ThemeBorderColorCanBeOverridden, to allow a custom border color to be used even when using a built-in theme tab page style
  • New feature to allow to draw the border of the specified size even if the background for the tab control/tab page is set to be Transparent.



Bug fixes:


  • WinForms Tab control: Parent resize refresh sometimes did not refresh all regions in the control. Fixed now.

UIControlSuite .NET edition Release 21.1


New / Enhancements WinForms .NET controls


  • ModernChromeWindow .NET custom support for Windows+<*> hotkeys


UIControlSuite .NET edition Release 21


New WinForms .NET controls


  • ModernChromeWindow - an advanced  custom Form control supporting heavy customization
  • Highly customizable GroupBox .NET control


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